Sustainable Employability for Life

In CODI, our cohort study on sustainable employability (or Cohort Onderzoek Duurzame Inzetbaarheid in Dutch) we research which factors contribute to the sustainable employability of persons of 16 years or older. The cohort contains workers, self-employed and persons not working to fill in a questionnaire. Weighting factors are included to enable the presentation of results that are representative of the Dutch population. The first wave was in 2016 and contained about 20,000 participants.


Annually CODI participants fill in an online questionnaire. The questionnaire contains questions on health, motivation, work, skills, social factors and financial situation.



CODI provides knowledge on factors related to sustainable employability. The publication overview contains papers that have been published so far.

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Swenneke van den Heuvel
Projectleader STREAM and CODI

088 866 5295